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The Multi-Page Solution

Expanded Content Booklet Labels (ECL) are the perfect multi-page solution suitable for a wide variety of packaging types that require multi-language and extensive regulatory information. ECLs not only benefit displaying large amounts of information but can also be used as a marketing tool by creating extra space for promotional coupons and eye-catching graphics. ECLs combine pressure sensitive labels and loose, folded outserts to create an integrated, more cost effective, secure and user-friendly approach to product packaging. ECLs can be a booklet or leaflet encompassed into a self-adhesive, fully laminated label with adhesive tab. ECL are versatile and can be placed on small, large, round, square, curved, or uniquely shaped bottles, cartons, and containers.

Booklet labels are the ideal solution when requiring space for large amount of texts, making them perfect for pharmaceutical inserts, multi-lingual information, and clinical trials. The booklet label replaces the traditional solution of standard label, inserts and carton, with a secure and user-friendly solution. They can be several pages long printed in different colour combinations and materials.

There are so many possibilities with booklet labels such as:

Removable booklet labels which allow the booklet to detach information without damaging the rest of the package.

Resealable booklet labels allow the label to be opened and closed for repeated use. The booklet label also has a resealable closure available in many different versions. It can be covered with a dirt repellent and attractive looking lamination.

The Bound Booklet ECL provides the optimum layout for both reading and ease of use. Like a traditional book, the Bound Booklet has pages on the left and on the right that are bound together with a glued or stapled spine. Customers are able to easily open and read the booklet and then reseal it for later use. This construction is ideal for providing operating instructions or product use information that may need to be referenced with every use of the product.

A leaflet label is a multi-panel solution that is suitable for a wide variety of packaging types and is ideal for directions for use, informative labelling, and multilingual information. A leaflet is an ECL encompassed into a self-adhesive, fully laminated label with an adhesive tab. Leaflets can be produced in an array of construction shapes and sizes with material types to suit your needs. Give us a call today and let us show you the possibilities.