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Booklet labels are a great tool to use to cross promote the items in your brand, incentivize shoppers, and encourage brand loyalty. Booklet coupons can be printed on labels similar to what you might see on a medicine bottle. These labels extend to multiple panels, or pages like a booklet, once opened. Many products use this style of label to include further product information, but booklet coupons are used to offer a variety of different perks and savings, to encourage consumers to pick your product off the shelf over your competition. This also allows for cross promotion amongst the various items your brand provides. For example, if your business produces a variety of different cleaning products, you can offer discounts with the purchase of item A on items B and C. This encourages brand loyalty, and makes your product more memorable, which will keep your customers coming back when they need a product you provide. If you are interested in using booklet labels to help build your brand’s awareness, Labelservice can help.

Labelservice has their own team of graphic designers in house, allowing you to create a truly custom label for your product. This means you can create a booklet label that uses custom dimension, verbiage, and brand specific colours and logos. We will assign an account manager to your team who will learn about your business and your specific label needs. Your account manager will provide you with expert guidance to find the best labels or coupons for your brand.

From design to printing, and everything in between, Labelservice will be able to handle the entire process in house keeping prices low. We also offer bulk and short run options to provide further savings. Labelservice can help you design and print all of your branding and labels from brand logos, to required safety labels, and any other labelling needs you may have, across all industries. Call us today to see how we can help you build brand loyalty.