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Product Types

Booklet Labels

A stitched booklet, fully bespoke printed in up to 10 colours throughout

Available in up to 48 pages with a range of materials and adhesives

Concertina Leaflet Labels

A fold out concertina style leaflet, printed in up to 10 colours throughout.

Up to 20 folds offers 40 printed pages

Resealable Laminated Booklets
A matt or gloss laminated cover offers protection against chemical spillage or scuffing and marking. This also allows the booklet to be easily opened and resealed.
Budget Products
If there are monetary restraints we offer a range of a budget label booklets in black only, but still with the same features as the more expensive products.
Multiple Sort Digital Booklet Labels
If you have a range of products, each of which require booklet labels, the latest in digital printing offers the solution. Plateless printing technology allows the supply of multiple sorts without high associated costs, offering full colour image and copy changes throughout the run.
Unique Coded Booklet Labels
Digital technology also allows us to add sequential or unique promotional coding, either on the cover, inner pages or base labels.
Promotional / Coupon Booklets
The use of concertina fold out leaflet labels, along with a tear off perforated section, are perfect for offering consumers redeemable coupons of competitions and product promotions.
Barn Door Constructions
As another space saving initiative, Labelservice offer an innovative opening method where the cover opens from the middle and the booklets open up from both the left and the right.
Special Shapes
As well as standard rectangles and circular products, Labelservice can offer bespoke label booklets die cut to special shapes to account for awkward or unusual shaped products.
Booklets With Inserts
Another form of promotional label booklets, we can offer products with loose inserts such as redeemable coupon, badges, stickers or tattoos.
Booklets With Braille
Labelservice can offer additional Braille print on the cover of our label booklets and leaflets. This is common for chemical products where a tactile warning triangle is required to alert blind or partially sighted consumers to the dangers of product contents.