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Why Booklet Labels are Popular

Booklet labels are used to give your customers information on the product they are buying, or promotional information about your business, and where there are size and space constraints on the product.  They can be used for content such as product instructions, contents or warning and safety information. If you are shipping or selling your product overseas, we provide multi-lingual labels which allow you to feature the information in every language, saving you the costs of ordering different packaging for each country. As well as product information, label booklets are widely used for on pack promotions. We can supply custom made constructions, any size, shape and colour that match your brand precisely. Extra features like collectables or removable stickers, or perforated coupons can be added, as well as options such as scratch and sniff inks.

In this digital age, you can search the internet and find information on anything but, when it comes to your products and engaging your customers, having all the information required on your label is the best way. A booklet label allows this. It also allows for promotions or presenting your other products to consumers.

Labelservice is one of the UKs leading suppliers of all kinds of booklet and coupon labels. Booklet labels provide a convenient and stylish way to accommodate and display extra content on certain types of products. A booklet label that is poorly designed or printed on low quality may fail to catch the attention of its intended audience, we advise businesses to carefully vet prospective label providers to ensure that you only work with the best. By choosing to work with Labelservice today, your company will be in a better position to gain more from your labeling strategy. Our booklet labels have made a name for themselves in the UK and other markets because they are professionally custom designed with you and printed on high quality material. There are, however, many different construction and printing options available for these products. You can get very creative with booklet labels, whose name is a bit misleading as it intones a rectangular shape (like a book) but they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You may want a circular, octagonal, or triangular shape. Those are just some of the shapes you can choose from. It would depend on your product and the shape of its container. The choice is yours.