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Labelservice is one of the UKs leading suppliers of all kinds of booklet and coupon labels. Booklet labels provide a convenient and stylish way to accommodate and display extra content on certain types of products. A booklet label that is poorly designed or printed on low quality may fail to catch the attention of its intended audience, we advise businesses to carefully vet prospective label providers to ensure that you only work with the best.

Booklet Labels are a small booklet or pamphlet married to a pressure sensitive product label. They are also called Fold-out Labels, Extended Content Labels, Expanded Content Labels or ECLs, Multi-Panel Labels, Multi-ply Labels, Labels with Pages and Multi-Page Labels to name a few.

Manufacturers, chemical, industrial and consumer product companies use booklet labels to carry a lot of copy in a small space. They provide ample room for product usage and safety warnings. For international marketing, booklet labels accommodate all foreign languages in one booklet or foldout pamphlet. These expanded content labels reduce costs and skews by eliminating the need to print separate labels for each language.

Booklet labels are also useful to accommodate government-required legal information, disclaimers and instructions. These booklets or pamphlets can have as few as four pages and up to 48 or more. Another use for booklet labels, is to promote a special offer or promotion by adding a foldout coupon to the product, often called an Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) or a mail-in rebate.

Another type of application for your booklet label is called Lam-to-Liner Booklet Labels. These are designed to work well on round containers, as they adhere to the bottle. They’re an offset printed booklet or pamphlet laminated to a die-cut pressure sensitive label just like other booklet labels except the laminate on one side extends beyond the base label to lay directly on the carrier liner. They apply smoothly with no bubbles and are easier to open. Medical, and personal care companies like this design because it’s perfect for round bottles and jars. All other specs are the same as the booklet, foldout, extended content labels above. They can be hand or machine applied. By choosing to work with Labelservice today, your company will be in a better position to gain more from your labelling strategy. Our booklet labels have made a name for themselves in the UK and other markets because they are professionally custom designed with you and printed on high quality material. There are, however, many different construction and printing options available for these products.