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A Booklet Label is so Much More Than a Label

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If you think a booklet label is just a booklet label, think again and discover the many choices and designs. You have probably touched, seen, opened or have come across various forms of these labels when purchasing various items.  These labels are commonly found on many different products in grocery stores on the packages for chemical cleaning products, vitamins, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Now these labels are all similar in various ways, but it is good to know what makes them different and why, when choosing the best product for your packaging needs.

Booklet labels are used on products that have extensive information and facts which cannot be fit into the area of a single label on the packaging. Just as it sounds, booklet labels open like a book in a multi-panel format so that the information about the product remains easy for the consumer to read and easy for the producer to ship as many units as possible by retaining the shape of their packaging. Often times, these labels will unfold like a leaflet brochure. There are also extended content labels are the same thing as booklet labels but tend to be removable because they provide extended information that is not usually informative and are used more for advertising and promotional purposes.

Booklet Labels are attached by a self-adhesive label.  The largest benefit afforded by all of these types of labels is that they can reduce packaging costs for producers. First, they are cheap and easy to make because they do not require as much material as a traditional label while providing the necessary extensive product information. Also, they eliminate the need for new product packaging because they can be easily applied to existing packaging.

At Label Service, we offer a wide range of sizes and shapes. Your booklet label doesn’t have to be a rectangle or square. A few examples of the labels we can print for you are: concertina leaflets, coupon booklets, round booklets, and removable informative booklets. Visit our company website and browse through the many different labels, including booklet,  to choice from. We know that the amount of information required on labels can be overwhelming. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll help you narrow down the perfect booklet label for you.