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Time to Think About Booklet Labels

The term Booklet Label is the symbolic name for label constructions that have multiple pages. Booklet Labels expand copy space. They allow you to professionally add a lot more text and graphics to your product labels. The classic Booklet Label is comprised of a booklet or folded pamphlet that is married to a single ply label. There are many names for Booklet Labels: Foldout Labels, Extended Content Labels, Expanded Content Labels, ECLs, Extended Text Labels, Multi-Panel Labels, and Multi-ply Labels to name a few. Don’t be confused by all the terms. They essentially mean the same thing. Sometimes people use the term Booklet Label to mean it’s a stapled or glued booklet rather than a pamphlet that folds out.

Pharma, chemical, and consumer-industrial companies are just some of the manufacturers that use booklet labels to expand their product labels for many reasons. For example, companies with regulated products must provide pages of the required information to stay compliant with government regulations. This may include information such as “warnings”, “first aid”, “storage and disposal”, and “environmental hazards”.

For companies that ship outside the UK, consolidating all the country languages into one booklet label can significantly reduce label inventories. Many companies want to expand their DIRECTIONS FOR USE on the product so that the end user’s experience is more satisfying and safer. A growing body of companies is using booklet labels to help protect themselves from product litigation. Coupons and rebates are another popular use of booklet labels.

We’ve been making booklet labels for over 30 years and are among a very small group of manufacturers that pioneered the business in the UK. We’re so focused on booklet labels that we like to say we’re “an inch wide and a mile deep”. This means the variety of solutions we offer is MUCH greater than traditional label manufacturers who aren’t specialists in the niche. We have hundreds of variations and options that allow you to get the right booklet label for your product application. We spend our business day focused on solving complex “space” problems. For example, a Standard Booklet Label (a booklet label designed for flat surfaces) is not the right solution for a small diameter bottle. If you use a standard booklet label for a round surface, it will wrinkle during the application.  Also, the end user will find it almost impossible to open. We offer several excellent booklet label constructions for curved surfaces. It’s our extensive knowledge and product variety that allows us to offer product options that make a big impact on your product packages. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach.